Thursday, February 3, 2011

Birthday Macarons


Fifth time's a charm? That's how many times I have attempted this finicky sweet. The last two "failed" attempts, I didn't post because they didn't have the signature "feet" at the base, which is caused when the cookies push off from the baking pan. I also over-mixed the 4th batch in hopes of a smoother shell and no bumps, but they wound up not rising.


I had also been experimenting with different temperatures/baking times and the resting time before putting the macarons in the oven. *Note to self: If something isn't broken, don't fix it! I went back to the proven Martha Stewart recipe, maybe slightly undermixed my batter (but under-mixing is better than over-mixing)


Voila! My most perfect macaron yet! Oh, and I'm telling everyone it's because it's my birthday tomorrow.


  1. Beautiful~!! Birthday gift from the macaron gods ;)

  2. These-were-so-gooooooooooooooood