Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ham Fried Rice

FriedRice01 003

My family made a ham for Easter.  After a couple days of fried ham and ham sandwiches we were about done.  My mother kept telling me to make fried rice, so I did.  Then she asked why I was making fried rice.


So I decided to make a batch to share with friends.  It's a great dish to use up leftover meat and vegetables.  I searched the food sites for a few recipes but wound up doing my own thing.  Partially inspired by Jean George's ginger fried rice, I took what should be a quick dinner and broke it down into multiple steps, first crisping up finely diced ginger and garlic in oil, then browning the leftover chopped up ham with a small diced onion and frozen peas, and setting them all aside before adding back to the rice and scrambled eggs.

Not having a full time job at the moment, I have the luxury of time to cook a dish that takes all day, and even it doesn't, it has been therapeutic to take a simple dish and focus on preparing each ingredient to bring out as much flavor as possible.  Browning any of the ingredients definitely helps.  I'd like to think that's sort of French of me.

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