Friday, November 12, 2010

beginner dinner rolls



Every year, stores and TV commercials seem to start with the Christmas music and shopping earlier and earlier. This year is no exception. Instead of grumbling about it, I've decided to embrace it and try to recreate some of that magical Christmas feeling that was so easy to have as a kid, but has sharply declined each year. The holidays are all about baking and while I plan on trying my hand at cinnamon buns, a perfect pie crust and something (anything) with pumpkin in it, I stumbled upon this recipe and thought it good practice for working with yeast.

There is no milk needed, which was good because my cat decided to drink the last of mine, and no buttermilk needed as well (who really has buttermilk on hand?) The dough came together very easily, you only need a bowl and a spoon. The hardest part was waiting... first 2 hours in the fridge, then an 1 1/2 half after you make the individual rolls. But they were worth it - nice sturdy mounds of bread-y goodness, spread with cold butter and raspberry jam. I quickly down 3 in a few minutes. Now all I need to learn is to let the dough have its time to rise...

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