Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

I'm not making any of those unrealistic, unattainable resolutions like, lose 20 pounds, not worry so much, be nicer - come on! Some recipes I want to try this year: (if I can photograph and post about every one, that will be one resolution down!)

1) Calissons - I love almonds in desserts and these Marzipan like sweets look way more appetizing because they're not trying to be fruits. Their perfect texture and shape make me starry eyed. First, I need to get some almond meal and orange flower water.

2) They come in every color and flavor under the rainbow. How could you not love them? Often, they're mistaken for macaroons, the coconut confections that are nothing like them. Also made with almonds, almond flour to be exact and eggs white. The recipe is more about perfecting a technique than anything else, but it will be so worth it if I am able to make them.

3) Cheese and eggs! What more is there to say?

I just realized these are all French recipes, but where better to start than with the classics? If you have any recipes to recommend, feel free to share! What do you want to make this year?

*Photos are borrowed from other sites, reachable by the link below each photo.

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