Thursday, January 24, 2013

Best. Burger. Ever.

Of course, the healthy eating resolution went right out the window the next day when we wanted burgers.  I've made fancy asian-style chicken burgers and italian-style turkey burgers, but never really perfected the classic beef burger. For a dish that is seemingly so simple, it was always something I'd order outside.  I think, besides good ingredients, it's much more about the technique than the crazy toppings all these new places are advertising.  It feels like every other week there's a new burger joint opening in my neighborhood - all claiming to be the best and "most famous."  But I think the best may be this one from Julia Child.  

The key is sautéing shallots in a little butter and mixing that into the ground beef.  For condiments, we kept it simple with American cheese (2 slices), pickles and some more of that whole grain mustard I'm growing very fond of.  And I mustn't forget to mention the potato rolls.  YUM.

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