Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bacon Deviled Eggs

Come on.  Just read the title and you know this has to be good.  Unless you have some bizarre hatred of eggs.  Or can't eat bacon.  I'm not a big mayo fan - I've seen too many gloppy mayo-laden potato salads or this newish trend at Chinese banquets - fruit salad with lobster and mayo.  Like really.  Why would you do that?  But you can't make deviled eggs without mayo.  And this recipe from Bon Apetit doesn't go overboard.  I made these for Christmas and the past weekend for the Superbowl, and didn't get any complaints.  The dijon mustard gives them a tangy sweetness, the bacon fat a smooth richness and I added some cayenne or hot paprika for heat.  Not your everyday bacon and eggs.

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