Thursday, October 7, 2010

Oeuf à la coque (Soft boiled egg)



As Anthony Bourdain so charmingly said, "I am a total egg slut." But it's true - I love eggs. I recently learned how to cook the perfect hardboiled egg so that the yolk doesn't turn that unappetizing green on the outer edge. (Put eggs in a pot covered with water and cook 10 minutes after it begins to boil. Remove and rinse with cold water.) Since then, I've been seeing soft boiled eggs with toast soldiers on my food shows, a common English comfort food, and who am I to pass up another excuse to eat runny egg yolks? I didn't have the traditional egg cup, so I used an espresso cup and sat the egg in a cushion of sea salt. Now to go egg cup shopping! *For soft boiled eggs, repeat the same process, but only cook for 4 minutes after the water begins to boil.

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