Saturday, October 2, 2010

samosas and biscotti



Yes, a strange combination that involved juggling oven time and only one sheet pan. I've been trying to make things using as many ingredients as I have at home, so I guess that's what happened. The almond and lemon biscotti is taken from Giada DeLaurentis' show last night, but minus the decadent white chocolate she dips them in. Still very good.

The peas and potato filled samosas are Anjum Anand's of my new favorite - the Cooking Channel. I've been on an Indian-food-cooking craze, and I like that the new breed of Indian cooking shows give healthier and lighter versions of a cuisine that is thought to be full of rich, buttery and cream laden dishes. I know it's ignorant to think all Indian food is like that - much like America's misconceptions of Chinese food. These samosas don't have the traditional fried doughy skins, but are wrapped in filo dough using a minimal amount of butter and baked.


  1. Saw the title and was curious about this combination...Multi-tasking!!
    These look delicious! I am so in the mood for this lighter and healthier samosa...I love the light versions of dishes that are coming out these days!

  2. cute banner!!! ;D

  3. Thanks Kaori! You should make a blog too =)